Our 2 day workshop provides a platform for community to know itself, express itself, be itself.   We see community as the protagonist of the Play.  We ask how CAST provides a stage for all voices and points of view to heard.  We also explore how to resolve inner and outer conflicts in a  creative & story-telling atmosphere full of play and fun.

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GREATER SELF:  A bigger story that serves community, community healing, transformation or empowerment.

Social Theater is a context where community improvement is center stage.    As a CAST of characters, we play a supporting role in the transformation of narratives for the benefit of community.  We want our life plays to be as rich and meaningful as possible.  So when the curtain closes, or I should say the end comes… We have a fulfilling sense of pleasure explored, creativity expressed & wisdom gained.


Cast poster 3Peggy Rubin, the master of Social Theater writes,

“The metaphor of life as the stage on which we embody our passion and purpose is a rich one which the author explores in a variety of ways. The important thing to remember is that each of us is the leading character in our life, which means we must do our best to be at our best. It is also essential that we develop the story of our life and put it in sync with the unfolding story of Life on Earth. There is no need to lock ourselves in the past or flee into the future; the present moment offers us ample dramatic opportunities.

The power of place takes time and patience to develop and understand: it has a great impact on our fulfilling our mission and standing where we belong. In this life, conflict cannot and should not be avoided: it is here that we forge our character and solidify our values.

To be a witness is a very important dimension in our lives. We need others to be an appreciative audience of who we are and what we can do. And then there is the challenge of being a member of the sacred audience viewing other people’s plays. No matter what befalls us, we are called to celebrate life with joy and exuberance.”

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