Mission of The CAST team.

The CAST team’s mission revolves around convening, deliberating, conceptualizing, promoting, and executing a comprehensive two-day CAST community workshop. The Cast process stands as an instrument for community building, an open-source theatrical methodology. We allocate a dedicated span of three months to channel our collective energy towards crafting an exceptional experience for our community. In my role as the Director, my responsibility is to identify fellow community directors, those who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to community causes over the years. Each of these Cultural Creatives possesses the essential tools and skills needed to unearth the fundamental strengths and vulnerabilities of our community and the broader world. The specifics, including dates, times, location, and the overall framework, will be determined by The Cast of “Firekeepers.”

       –“Healing wounds, means we activate our power to change the old story”

                                                                                                                                                                        James O’Dea

When we know better, we can do better.

Achieving a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine energies, along with embracing a multicultural perspective and a diversity of ages, from wise elders to young adults, is of great significance. As we assemble our core design team, known as “The Firekeepers,” comprised of community responsible for shaping the context and atmosphere of the upcoming CAST workshop weekend, we carefully select each member based on their history of community service, psycho-social background, and experience working with vulnerable populations, such as the homeless, at-risk youth, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. Our quest is to find compassionate, intelligent, loving, and empathetic individuals who are motivated to mirror in their community a contagious and enjoyable form of Social Altruism, ready to provide the stage for others to thrive.

By hosting a CAST workshop, we demonstrate our commitment to community engagement and a genuine desire “To Know” and connect with our community on a deeper level.

The Cast workshops are about three core distinctions.

  1.  The Power of expression
  2.  The Power of Point of view
  3.  The power of Conflict

Each Cast team is different

Core Cast team:

Bio’s / personal and professional back round info and pictures will be posted.


  1. YOU
  2. YOU
  3. YOU


  1.  YOU
  2. YOU
  3. YOU


                                                 Below are Fictitious Characters.  Your bio goes underneath your picture.

Gabe Scott

Narritve Intelligence Coach



Lida Platon

Theater Improv coach


Brian Adon

Comedy & Drama teacher.



Film Director


James Walick

Psychologist / Social Worker


Ida Vittorio

Acting Coach


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