In the grand theater of life, you are the protagonist, the heart of your hero’s journey, the star of a magnificent tale. This narrative belongs to you, and you alone, for you hold the power to shape its destiny. I, a humble player in this theatrical spectacle, am here to bolster the epic narrative that is your life. Remember, the stage is within you, and it is you who wields the quill to rewrite your story. This transformation begins with the metamorphosis of your relationship with the self. I extend an invitation to you, to document and film your epic so that the world may marvel at your journey.

This is a chronicle of transformation and love, a saga woven into the very fabric of your existence. You possess a profound purpose, and there are guiding forces beckoning you to become the masterpiece you were always meant to be. Have faith in yourself, and the angels shall weave their magic to guide you through.

Herein lies a class that will unravel the secrets of your heart’s tale.

Welcome to the Hero’s Journey experience, a collaborative ode to both ancient wisdom and modern insight. As Shakespeare once proclaimed, “All the world’s a stage, and we are mere players,” engaged in the grand game of life. The question we must ask is, how are you performing in this great drama, and what character do you embody? It is my revelation that, at times, the script of our lives becomes muddied and is penned in shades of unconsciousness, resentment, and unfulfillment. But, my dear friend, that is the old narrative. Our new story proclaims that we are potent, awakened, and resolute in bringing to life the greatest narrative we scribe for ourselves.

In this curriculum, we draw wisdom from the philosophy of The CAST. We are the architects of workshops and curricula designed to unveil and amplify your uncharted potential and your newfound life narrative. The CAST sets the stage, presenting you with The Hero’s Journey, an open page and a stage adorned with props, inviting you to rewrite and perform your new story while liberating yourself from the old script that no longer serves your purpose.

For those eager to embark on “The Hero’s Gamebook,” the portal to transformation, and wish to know more about its cost, we offer a personal consultation. This book is more than a mere to me; it is a tool for building a community. As a part of my educational curriculum for Harmonic Humanity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating jobs for the homeless, this book serves as a beacon, guiding those in need to rise and find balance within the core of humanity, in the heart and gut of our shared existence.

To set your course on this journey, reach out to Joseph at, and let your transformation begin. The theater of your life awaits its grand opening, where you shall be the hero in a narrative of your own making, and together, we shall create a masterpiece of transformation, love, and purpose.