You are the heart of your hero’s journey.

You are what makes your story great! I play a supporting role in your success by empowering the great narrative that is you. Remember, your theater is within and you are the only one who can change your story. You do this by changing your relationship with your self.  I invite you to document/film your story so to model it for the world.

This is a story of transformation and love; this is a story of you. You have a meaningful purpose and guiding forces for becoming all you are capable of being. Simply believe in yourself, and let angels do the rest.

This is a class that will help you get the heart of your story.

Welcome to the hero’s journey experience, this idea is a collaboration of ideas both ancient and new.  Shakespeare said, “All the world’s stage and we are mere players”, playing the game of life.  The question is how are you playing this game and how are you being as you play it?  What I’ve experienced is that sometimes your life-script gets muddy and written in ways that are unconscious, resentful and unfulfilled.  Well, as we say in social theater, “that’s an old story.”  Our new story is that we are powerful, awake, and committed in living out the greatest story we write about ourselves.

Part of this curriculum derives from the philosophy of The CAST.  We are an organization that creates workshops and curriculum’s to uncover and magnify your full potential and new life-story. CAST sets the stage by presenting you with The Hero’s Journey an open page & a prop-filled stage for you to re-write and enact your new story while letting go of the old story that no longer serves you.


This book is a community building tool that I use as part of my Education curriculum for Harmonic Humanity (A Non-profit Homeless JOBS creating Org.) to assist those to rise up to balance themselves in the gut & heart of humanity.

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