A father’s role in pregnancy, a mother’s journey in becoming.

by:  Joseph Jacques

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“Legends of Creation, a father’s role in pregnancy, a mother’s journey in becoming.”

We have currently two paths.

1.  Is for parents to be.

2.  Is for Mid-wives or Doulas who’d like to teach this class to parents.

The first is for parents choosing to enroll into Legends of Creation 18 month class.

The Second is a detailed program / curriculum / on line class will offer jobs for thousands of mid-wife’s and mid-father’s ambitions about the field of embryology.  This workbook starts 9 months before conception and goes 9 months through in utero.  18 months preparing for birth.

What is the role of the father during pregnancy?

Legends of Creation opens the door for men to play a huge supporting role for women and the child.   A conscious masculine support system for the wholeness of the new family.

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We are casting all those interested in teaching this amazing new workbook.  A big thanks goes out to all those who’ve supported me in the development of this book.. A big shout out goes to Jeff Duhon, for being my angel through this process.

Welcome to:

For years men have sat on the sidelines of pregnancy, conditioned that women have got it all taken care of.  The truth is, it takes both parents to build a family.  Legends of Creation is a unique hero’s journey map that fully serve the needs of a pregnant family and expecting mother / wife / spirit-child.  If you are a surrogate Mother awesome!  Get very clear about the nature and history of the fathers bio-psycho-social heritage, all three are vital and necessary to a mother’s well being and understanding.

This Prenatal’s Hero’s Journey philosophy, called “Legends of Creation”, has been birthing in my heart for the last 30 Years, I’ve weaved the yellow brick road of Joseph Campbell’s work into the context of this curriculum.  From a Epistemological perspective, I state very clearly that the process of this Master Class starts with the intention of both Parents to commune with their unborn child spiritually, and in a sense, saying,”We are ready for you to come into our lives, we are healing our bio-psycho-social selves, ready to listen to you, ready to teach you, ready to be taught by you, committed to heal our inner trauma for the benefit of a healthy a whole self ready to inspire the world through a truly aligned way of being, doing and relating.

If you are planning on having a conversation with me, below are some question to consider.



What is the importance of preconception education? Why?


How does the mother & father heal their inter-generational trauma before conception? And Why?


What the best way to communicate to the unborn spirit child?  Prayers? Meditation? Mantra’s? And… Why?


I”m to understand that your classes will teach me your workbook and how to teach your workbook, Yes?


If the parents are in charge of building the lesson plan for the child, what does that look like?


Can we increase the genius of child in Utero? Can we heal handed down traumas? How?


How can this book help parents have a smooth birthing experience?


How do we get started? 


  • Legends of Creation Master Class is three months in length /  ~ Time picked by us both.
  • We host two 1hr WhatsApp phone session each week for a 12 weeks /  Graduation / Understanding format & curriculum / TEST day.
  • Sign up for an introductory class ~ You must register  through EMAIL:  Joseph@harmonichumnity.org  This call is FREE!


  • Keep costs super low.
  • Keep it open source and bottom up.
  • Build a dream-team around this curriculum, grow Legends of Creation from the inside out.
  • Create thousands of Jobs globally in multiple languages.
  • Heal inter-generational family wounds and enhance innate as well as developmental genius of the prenate.
  • Build a preventative homelessness, mental illness and addiction model so to reduce these anomalies by 50 to 60%


Email:  Joseph@harmonichumanity.org To register for introductory class. Cut off date is Aug. 11th, Friday. Register now!


I have 4 wonderful forewords / endorsements for my book by a few of the leading individuals in the world in the field of Human Potential, Social Healing and Birth Psychology.


  • Dr. Jean Houston:    Worked with Joseph Campbell and other profound thought leaders in the Human Potential movement.
  • Dr. Bruce Lipton:     Author of “The Biology of Belief”, “Spontaneous Evolution”, “The Honeymoon Effect”
  • James O’Dea:            The former President of Amnesty international (10years) President of Noetic Sciences & Seva Foundation.
  • Suzanne Arms:         Founder – Director of Birthing The Future.


Dr. Jean Houston writes:

“Jacques has created an engaging workbook, The Prenatal Hero’s Journey that sanctifies the miracle of birth from pre-conception to birth and beyond. He not only describes the tremendous, life-long influence parents have with their in-utero child, but also provides a unique twist to the story. Backed by thought provoking exercises, Jacques teaches parents how to clarify their own past in order to offer the sacred child the fruits of their own hero and heroine’s journey.

Jacques’s remarkable insights help parents create a family relationship with the unborn child. Through thoughtful recommendations, parents become attuned to the inherent gifts of their son or daughter. The idea is to communicate with, listen to, and encourage the little spark of spirit into the light each soul is born to be.

 Joseph Jacques’ wisdom is drawn from years of experience working with babies and expectant parents, as well as research on pre-natal intelligence and how to nourish it in extraordinary ways. Bravo, for the visionary who wrote this book, and for those parents who are willing to see their child as a spiritual being and surround that child with conscious love and care.”

 Jean Houston, Ph.d, author of over 30 books, including The Possible Human.


Dr. Bruce Lipton writes: 

The revolutionary science of Epigenetics reveals that genetic activity is dynamically controlled by an individual’s life experiences. A process referred to as “genomic imprinting” places a parent’s acquired epigenetic markers, based on their life experiences, on to the genes in the eggs and sperm that will create the next generation. In this manner, the awareness acquired by parents in their lifetime can epigenetically shape the fate of a child months before it is even conceived.

Legends of Creation by Joseph Jacques is a profoundly important guide and workbook to help future parents begin to clear limiting and disempowering epigenetic imprints from influencing the future of their child’s life. Legends of Creation emphasizes how the consciousness of parents, from nine months pre-conception through to nine months of gestation ending in birth, can have a positive impact on the fetus and significantly enhance their child’s health, intelligence, and life potential.

Knowledge is power. The knowledge offered by Joseph Jacques is truly the source of empowerment needed to move beyond misperceived limitations and write newlife-affirming stories for our children, and the world. I personally believe that Legends of Creation, dedicated to uplifting consciousness and empowering humanity, represents a valuable contribution toward healing societal dysfunction and ensuring the healthy development of future generations.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., stem cell research scientist, is author of the bestselling books The

Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution, and The Honeymoon Effect.


James O’Dea writes:

“Quite simply, if you are pregnant, don’t delay, get this book. It challenges you to prepare, to dialog with the emerging intelligence of your child and encode the hero’s journey. This workbook is healing, inspiring and high fun.”

James O’Dea / Former President of Amnesty International


Suzanne Arms writes:

“This is an exquisitely sensitive and valuable interactive guide for prospective parents, parents-to-be and new parents. Jacques is sensitive to the soul and intelligence of babies and their needs, starting pre-conception, and he’s also sensitive to the unsung heroines who are the childbearing women of modern society, for whom no special care and support is given, nor to prospective and new fathers. With years of work in the field of pre and peri-natal issues, Jacques brings an understanding of what babies need from their parents as well as how to guide parents on an inner journey to prepare for a baby.”

Suzanne Arms –  Founder – Director of Birthing The Future®


A father’s role in pregnancy, a mother’s journey of Becoming.

This video above are two sacred beings currently enrolled into Legends of Creation program. Check it out!

Published in JOPPPAH :

Journal of Prenatal an Perinatal Psychology and Health. Published, fall, 2016.


“Each one of us, the son’s and daughters of playing Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz.  Each one of us on the yellow brick road of transformation and metaphoric pregnancy at each stage of neo-development.  Each one of us feeling the strong contractile waves that move us down the birth canal into a wonderful new world-view and moral imagination.  Each one of us entering the cave we fear to enter finding it holds the treasure that we seek.  Each human is a new dream unfolding on the stage of life, and this drama is not predetermined but does have a plot-line.   Each one of us on a life long path to discovering our lion: inner courage, our, Tin Man: collective heart and our, Scare Crow: innate genius made possible by hearing the call from the universe to birth a holy human aimed at bringing it’s gifts and new world-view through a holistic perspective.  We have a golden thread pulling us in the direction of deep meaning and profound purpose that is tied to our embodied genius for parents and culture to drawl out and weave together.  As we transform from fetus to new born we depend on conscious parenting and profound bonding to heal psycho-social wounds while equally magnifying genius, talent, wisdom for the benefit of our future world.

After exploring both prenatal development and The Hero’s Journey model for more than 20 years I’ve discovered a cross fertilization of both narratives.  Joseph Campbell was very clear that the metaphor for The Hero’s Journey is the transformational process.  A duet that mid-wife’s us into higher more evolved worldviews of self, culture and nature.  It is my goal to weave both within each to birth something new. A significant transformation worldview within a widening circle of inclusion is my aim for the birth of a much need new perspective.

Michael Meade reminds us,

“A genuine calling must be followed to uncover the golden self and learn the purpose it would have us serve.  Here, the intimate relationship between our gifts and our wound becomes critical for healing and growth as well as for understanding both what we fear and what we love.”


I have 3 goals with this workbook.


( My program starts 9 months before conception)


Strengthen the bond between the Mother, Father and Prenate (Unborn)


Heal the in-generational transfer of wounds from Mother, Father and Culture to child.


Amplify the Genius of the child.

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